"Bands really help me, when people make me feel like shit, the bands I love get me through everything, in times when I'm totally miserable" -AI



You are loved

You are not alone

You are needed

You are beautiful

-click play!

Obsessions atm

Reading: -"have a nice day", by Julie Halpern and "Be more chill", by Ned Vizzini

Also i just finished "It's kind of a funny story" and "Teen Angst?...", both of Ned Vizzini and HOLY BUTS!!! let me tell you those were amazing, you should read them!! NV is one of my fav!!'

Listening: -New albums of 5sos & fob

Watching: -Finding Carter & Teen Wolf

Just in case no one told you today:

-you're a hottie

-nice butt

-i love you

-i'll be here

-you're stronger than you think

-be nice to yourself

-do whatv the fuck you want

-if you like it wear it

I will listen

you got something to say? // why don't you speak it out loud, // instead of living in your head?


dark haired boys with light eyes are the reason i struggle to survive


sushi and succulents on a rainy day